Valentines pregnancy announcement with conversation hearts.

Store shelves are full of heart candies this time of year. They make a great prop to assist you with your exciting news!

Creating your custom conversation hearts is easy. You can stamp them yourself, order them, create a digital message or just attach a custom note.

Stamp your own messages.

What you need:

  • Conversation hearts candy; can be found at your local store (depending on the time of year) or online.
  • Zester/grader
  • Food coloring marker/Food writing pen; can be found in some grocery stores or online.
  • Rubber stamp kit; available in office supply stores or online.

Steps to stamping your message.

  • Sand off heart with microplane/fine grater. This will remove the current lettering and give you a flat surface to work with.
  • Arrange your letters and desired message on the stamp.
  • Color the letters with the food marker.
  • Press the smooth side of the heart onto the stamp.

How to use your custom conversation hearts as a baby announcement.

  • Stamp each heart as part of a bigger puzzle for your family and friends to put together to reveal your message.
  • Take photos of your custom messages (with you or with other props) and make your valentines pregnancy announcement with the photos.
  • Package your custom hearts in a bag and attach a note; such as: “We’re excited to say a little sweetheart is on the way!”

Order directly from the manufacturer.

Each year, this company manufactures about 2 billion hearts to keep up with the demand. Now, they are letting people create their own personalized candies!

  • Head to the company’s website.
  • Click ‘create yours now’ on the first page and then again on the next page.
  • Select your candy type and hit next.
  • Select up to 3 colors
  • Create your message. You can have one or two lines. Up to 9 characters on each line.
  • Available in 1 lb bags (approximately 450 hearts).
  • Also available in 5 lb bags.
  • Please be aware that they sell year round, but have cutoff dates for holiday orders.

Steps to create a digital custom message. This is a free tool!

  • Head to the heartmaker.
  • Type your custom text into the white boxes. Each line can have up to 4 characters. You can use 1 or both lines.
  • Choose your heart color or leave it on random color.
  • Hit “make heart”.
  • Your image will be generated.
  • Once your image appears click on it and it will open in another window. Your image will be the only thing on this window.
  • Be sure to save this image. (Do not save the link, as that won’t work) On my Mac, I just click on the image and drag it to my desktop. It is then saved on my desktop. Your saving method will vary based on what device you are using.

Using your custom image to make your announcement.

  • Optional: Edit your image(s) in a photo editing software.
  • Email directly to recipient.
  • Post on social media.
  • Create a larger picture using multiple custom hearts on one image and share that.

The last option and certainly probably the quickest.

  • Buy the conversation hearts that are already packaged in small boxes.
  • Print out a cute valentines pregnancy announcement on paper and attach it to the box. One idea is to attach “We’re excited to say a little sweetheart is on the way!”

Lots of pregnancy announcements showcased here. We hope you leave smiling and full of ideas!

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