St. Patrick’s Day Pregnancy Announcement

A St. Patrick’s Day pregnancy announcement that will have everyone hoping they win big! No one will be expecting the actual prize that will be revealed.

This type of announcement will work for any time of the year, but we were looking for something that had some sort of a St. Patrick’s Day theme to it. We originally thought about handing out cards with a lucky penny on them or some ‘lucky charm’ related announcement (Which is a great alternative if you don’t like our original announcement).

While thinking about a lucky related announcement, I remembered that I had seen some pregnancy announcement scratch off tickets during a previous online search. Everyone hopes to get lucky when they play a scratch off lottery ticket!

I searched and came across the perfect scratch off for my St. Patrick’s Day pregnancy announcement. With a title of “Triple Your Luck” and green clovers all over it, it couldn’t be more holiday related.

Choosing this announcement over my first announcement idea was an easy decision. The tickets looked real and did not display any clues or hints about what the ticket holder would soon discover. In other words, it didn’t ruin the surprise.

Now I know there are ways to make a DIY scratch off, but again, we wanted it to pass as a real lottery ticket. The only way to accomplish that is to pay the professionals for a replica lottery ticket.

Let me tell you, this was so fun to do! We told everyone that we picked up some St. Patrick’s Day themed lottery tickets and we hoped someone would get super lucky and win big.

Everyone participated and were scratching and hoping to win. Some people got it quicker than others. It was so fun to watch everyone come to the third line and see that they had ‘won’ and then to see their reactions to the ‘prize’.

This lottery ticket replica made a great St. Patrick’s Day pregnancy announcement. If you would like to use this type of pregnancy announcement, but want a different design/theme, click here for other scratch off pregnancy announcements.

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