Siri announces pregnancy to the grandma to be

Siri announces pregnancy to the grandma to be.

You may be wondering how they did that? I was too!

I included a tutorial video below.

There are many ways to program Siri. I chose these specific instructions, so that I wouldn’t have to talk to Siri before she spoke. You know by saying ‘Hey Siri’ or anything.

Lots of pregnancy announcements showcased here. We hope you leave smiling and full of ideas!

valentines pregnancy announcement

Valentines Pregnancy Announcement

Valentines pregnancy announcement with conversation hearts. Store shelves are full of heart candies this time of year. They make a great prop to assist you with your exciting news! Creating your custom conversation hearts is easy. You can stamp them yourself, order...
st. patrick's day baby announcement

St. Patrick’s Day Baby Announcement

St. Patrick's Day baby announcement freebie! Even though a lot of pregnancy announcements are made in person, I know there is always the decision of how you are going to make your announcement on Facebook. That is what these free downloads are for. I designed a...
easter pregnancy announcement

Easter Pregnancy Announcement using candy

Make your Easter pregnancy announcement using candy that can easily be found on store shelves this time of year. Below are 4 ideas for your announcement. 2 use jelly beans and 2 use marshmallow Peeps. Announcements using jelly beans. 1) Buy a bag of jelly beans. Pick...
shoe challenge pregnancy announcement

Shoe Challenge Pregnancy Announcement

A shoe challenge pregnancy announcement using a baby shoe. This is a fun way to get family involved in your big reveal! Items you need blindfolds or some sort of material to cover the eyes of the participants. a baby shoe. I am sure you may have a pair picked out. If...

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