Shoe Challenge Pregnancy Announcement

A shoe challenge pregnancy announcement using a baby shoe. This is a fun way to get family involved in your big reveal!

Items you need

  • blindfolds or some sort of material to cover the eyes of the participants.
  • a baby shoe. I am sure you may have a pair picked out. If you need to purchase a pair, here are a couple of my favorites. This pair is like the ones shown in the article photo. This is another great pair of baby shoes with laces.
  • a pair of your shoes with laces.

How to run the shoe challenge pregnancy announcement

You will want to tell the participants that there is a challenge going around involving tying a uniquely laced shoe blindfolded. Tell them you will give them a trial run with your regular shoes first. Blindfold them and see who can tie the regular shoes the fastest.

Then once that is done and they are blindfolded again, place the baby shoes in front of them. Remind them it is a contest to see who can tie these shoes the fastest and that they are laced differently. Once they touch the shoes, they will realize they are baby shoes. They might figure out what you are trying to tell them right away. If not, give them a few more clues and they will catch on.

This shoe challenge contest is just an overall idea and you will want to put your own spin and directions to it. Make it your unique pregnancy announcement. I have included 2 videos of this challenge in action. Both families put a little different spin on the challenge. Either way, the reactions will be priceless, so be sure to have your video camera running!


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