Make your Easter pregnancy announcement using candy that can easily be found on store shelves this time of year.

Below are 4 ideas for your announcement. 2 use jelly beans and 2 use marshmallow Peeps.

Announcements using jelly beans.

1) Buy a bag of jelly beans. Pick out the blue and pink ones, or whatever colors you would like to use. Place them in a plastic Easter egg with a note inside. Ideas for the note:

“We’re spilling the beans! Baby due Sept. 2017”

“We’re spilling the beans! Due to Hatch Sept. 2017”

“We’re EGG-specting! Due to hatch Sept. 2017”

“We’re EGG-cited to announce….”

2) Head to My Jelly Belly. Click on the tin or container you would like to use. Then click customize. Select your jelly bean colors. I selected ‘Two Flavor Jelly Beans’ and then picked out pink and blue colored flavors. Then you can add text or pictures to customize the tin. My text suggestions are listed above this paragraph. Once the customization looks good to you, just click add to cart. Below is what my customization box looked like.

Announcements using marshmallow Peeps.

3) Buy pink and blue Peeps. You could also just use the original yellow Peeps for this. Place them in a plastic egg with a note inside. One note idea is “We’re EGG-specting! Hatching this September”. You could also write some little note about “Blue or Pink? Find out this September”

4) Buy this chocolate egg. Use a note idea from option #1 above or create your own. Attach your announcement note to the outside of the egg or place your note inside the wrapping. You may want to wrap it in something else, so that they have to open up the wrapping to see what’s inside. Lastly, you can break the egg in half (be very careful if you decide to do this as you don’t want your egg in a lot of pieces) and add your note in with the marshmallow inside the chocolate egg.



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